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New Map Called Livik will be releases for PUBG Mobile: Currently in a beta version.

PUBG Mobile will before long get another map called Livik that will be elite to the portable rendition of the game. The declaration was made by the authority PUBG Mobile record on Twitter, including that the guide is as of now playable in the beta rendition of PUBG Mobile. This will be the main guide that is select to PUBG Mobile and has not first advanced toward the PC or support renditions of the game. Starting at now, the organization has not shared when Livik will advance toward the standard adaptation of the game.

The Twitter post by PUBG Mobile presents the new guide for the beta adaptation of the game as ‘Livik’, expressing that it will be coming soon to the customary rendition. This guide is a similar guide that showed up in the beta form of PUBG Mobile as “secretmap” before the end of last month and strikingly, is still called ‘secretmap’. While the designers have not shared any insights concerning the new guide, aside from the name, it is accepted to be a blend of the four effectively present maps in the game in particular, Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi.

To review, PUBG Mobile prodded the new guide, which at the time was supposed to be called ‘Fourex’, in May with a Twitter post incorporating four postcards with various zones of the guide as stamps on these postcards. PUBG fans immediately set up these stamps to make one guide that indicated a blend of the various landscapes from the four maps present in PUBG Mobile. There was a blanketed territory, a desert region, and green regions in the guide, including some totally new zones too. It was likewise supposed to be the littlest guide yet, which could mean there would be a lower all out player tally and high activity ongoing interaction.

Presently, according to the most recent tweet by PUBG Mobile, this guide has been named Livik and is playable in the beta form as ‘secretmap’. Shockingly, there is no course of events for when this guide will go to the steady form of the game. Furthermore, PUBG Mobile is additionally due to get Erangel 2.0 expected to be a piece of 0.19.0 update that may come out some time one month from now. It may be the case that the new Livik map is likewise packaged in that update.

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