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MS Dhoni’s new look stuns fans: Effect of COVID 19 lockdown

Previous Team India skipper’s salt-and-pepper-unshaven look that makes him look old, sent Twitter into a craze

An ongoing post on M.S. Dhoni’s little girl Ziva’s record, which is overseen by her folks, a video shows India’s most experienced Indian wicketkeeper and batsman getting a charge out of value father-little girl minutes with Ziva.

In the video, the couple appear to be running an agreeable race on their huge, all around cut and demurely watched out for garden at his Ranchi home.

And afterward started the persevering posts of the Captain Cool’s ‘most recent looks’ of him with a full-developed salt-and-pepper facial hair, wearing a green T-shirt with the words “Exceptional FORCES AIRBORNE” on it, standing

Be that as it may, previous Team Blues chief’s most recent dark unshaven look appears to have disillusioned a large number of his fans, sending Twitter into a furor. Some appear to have basically considered him to be a rough looking, elderly person! “Aww… M. S Dhoni in Salt And Pepper Look… :- )) ?? (sic),” a CSK fan composed.

Notwithstanding remarks featuring frustrations were images that indicated “previously, then after the fact” photographs of Captain Cool.

One fan, for example, posted two of Dhoni’s photos. One was of his when he showed up in Chennai for the training rounds of the now-canceled IPL coordinates at some point a month ago, seen clean-shaven with a nearby yield team trim hair style. The subsequent picture was an ongoing one of him where he is seen.

One such image had the subtitle, “Dhoni before lockdown versus after lockdown. Walk month he showed up Chennai with a new look and we would hve seen him in #Yellove now But crown had other thought and Ruined everything ????.”

Another CSK fan posted his ongoing pic and composed against it, “How the men takes care of worrying about the whole concern and fault for recent years..! This pic is passionate msdians.. (sic).”

Another as far as anyone knows shaken fan expressed, “Dhoni looks so old.. (sic).”

Indeed, even as individuals have been sharing pitiful emoticons and pondering about their preferred cricketer’s cricketing plans (and there are to be sure hypotheses about his retirement), his mom, Devaki, appears to be a long way from stressed.

Talking solely on the phone from Ranchi, Devaki lets us know, “Indeed, I have seen his new look, however he’s not excessively old. No kid is ever old for any mother.”

With respect to our anxieties about his stopping the game, she includes, “I don’t know about his playing the TT-20 World Cup. He realizes best when to accept a call. Let the coronavirus flare-up get over first.”

Obviously, there were praises pouring in for the look as well. “Vintage white facial hair look,” one fan composed with the fire emoticon close to it.

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