Thursday, November 12, 2020
Sports The higher number of COVID-19 cases may create trouble...

The higher number of COVID-19 cases may create trouble for India – Australia boxing day Test.

As COVID-19 cases are increased in Australia, The upcoming test match in between India & Australia in under a risk. Boxing Day test match is likely to be cancelled due to coronavirus pandemic.


A spike in Covid-19 cases within the Australian province of Victoria has expanded queries over the India-Australia boxing day test being command in its capital Melbourne, from December 26. Victoria had seventy-five new cases on Mon, inciting welfare authorities in the Australian state, that has had scarcely any new cases as recently and shut its outskirts with the rest of Australia, to sanction extreme new conventions.

The spray comes once Australia and African nation have consented to defer 3 One-day Internationals planned for August. The African nation was as a result of play the most match at Associate in a Nursing unsure scene in north Australia on August nine, with an extra conflict 3 days when the fact and also the last installation in Townsville on Assumption of Mary.

india shikhar dhawan against australia
Shikhar Dhawan against Australia

Cricket Australia (CA) aforesaid in evidence that the selection usually concurred which they stayed targeted on taking part in the arrangement on “elective dates”.

Having already furloughed a serious chunk of its staff, CA is relying heavily on the year-ending four-match take a look at series against the Republic of India to spice up its dwindling finances. The Republic of India is scheduled to play four Tests, beginning Dec three, in Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and state capital. ought to the infection unfold in Victoria, CA may be forced to seem at different venues.

Introduction of New protocol

Queensland has issued new directives that force groups based mostly within the state into a 14-day quarantine ought to they play a club in Melbourne.

But Australian state clubs would even be forced into quarantine if they either vie in Melbourne or came up against any team that had been in Melbourne within the preceding fourteen days.

Australian league has ten teams based mostly in Victoria. Six American Federation of Labor clubs has already been wedged by schedule changes. The football League is during a higher position as a result of its just one club based mostly in Victoria—the Melbourne Storm, who predict to remain in their new Sunshine Coast hub in Australian state till a minimum of August.


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The higher number of COVID-19 cases may create trouble for India – Australia boxing day Test.

A spike in Covid-19 cases within the Australian province of Victoria has expanded queries over the India-Australia...

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