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U.S: Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, supports the ban of TikTok just as other Chinese applications

- Outside China, the second-largest market for Tiktok is the United States, there are 4.54 million users. - Tiktok will be out of Hong Kong's market itself, decides after new security law comes into force

After India, Chinese apps can now be left in the UNITED States. US Secretary of State Mike Pomdrink has indicated this. He said in an interview on Monday that all Chinese social media apps, including Tiktok, are seriously thinking about banning.

The US statement came six days after India’s crackdown on Chinese apps. The US has also conveyed the threat of national security from Chinese apps like Tiktok. There is also tension between the US-China on the issue of Corona and Hongkong.

America supports India’s action to ban Chinese application

Digital strike on China

Amidst tension in Ladakh, India had banned 59 Chinese apps including Tickettalk on June 29. The government said that user information is being obtained through these apps, which are a threat to the security of the country. Communications Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad termed the decision as a digital strike on China. India’s decision was rightly described by Pompeo.

The US is the second-largest market in Tytok outside China. There are now 4.54 crore users of Tickettalk, 3.96 crores as of 2019. On the other hand, The Tiktok in India was growing rapidly. By 2019, Tickettalk had 11.93 crore users in India, up from nearly 20 crores by June this year.

Tiktok is stopping their services in Hongkong

China’s video-sharing app Tiktok has said it will be out of the business of Hongkong in a few days. Tiktok has taken this decision after the enactment of new security law in Hongkong. China had enacted the security law in Hongkong from July 1.

The disputed law provides that the social media company may take action if it resorts to social media for protests. On the other hand, there have been allegations of managing content and user data in the Chinese government’s favour on Tiktok.

Alternates of Tiktok in India

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Please note that after the clash between India and China at Galwan Valley of Ladakh India took a bold step to ban a total number of 59 Chinese applications in an India market.

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