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Kim Kardashian’s husband Kanye West joins the race to become U.S. president: Twitter

Shocking news revealed on twitter... Popular Hollywood celebrities Kayne West & Paris Hilton in the race to become US President. Among with corona pandemic world is in shock after witnessing such weird news on their twitter handles.

Wrapper and musician Kanye West is preparing to contest the US presidential election. In a tweet on Saturday (July 4), Kanye said he was involved in the US presidential race.

The 43-year-old musician, using the hashtag ‘2020 Vision’, said he was preparing to land in the presidential elections. We must now remember the promise made to America by relying on God. Should think of building the future of the country by uniting your vision. I am going to contest the presidential election in America.

West is a big fan of President Donald Trump and said in April that he would vote for him. However, it is not yet clear whether West has seriously made any plans and has made any official paperwork for the election.


As soon as Kanye West tweeted for the race of US president, people of the US have started trolling him on Twitter. Check few below tweets:

On an other side popular Hollywood celebrity Paris Hilton has also tweeted for her position to become the US President:

After such back to back tweets from American pop stars, there is a huge level of scare in the people of america.

We are just thinking of future of world if these people will be the president of the great united states.


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