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The number of corona infects in the country is close to 8 lakhs, the government told why there is no tension

Health Minister Harshvardhan states that country (India) is still not under community transmission phase. There is a very high recovery rate in India compared to other countries of the world.

The total number of corona infections in the country has reached very near to 8 lakh. Meanwhile, the government has said that it is not bothered about this number.

Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said on Friday that the recovery rate in the country is high and the mortality rate is very low and therefore, the number of cases is not bothered.

He reiterated that there is no community transmission in the country.

Talking to news agency ANI, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said, ‘The recovery rate of COVID-19 patients is 63 % and the mortality rate is only 2.72 %. We are not bothered about the number of cases. We are increasing testing so that most of the cases can be identified and treated. About 2.7 lakh tests are being conducted daily. “

Denying the stage of community transmission in the country, Harsh Vardhan said, ‘Despite being such a big country, we have not reached the community transmission stage. However, there are some pockets where the infection rate may be somewhat higher. ”

In India, the highest 26,506 new cases were reported in a day of COVID-19 on Friday with the total number of coronavirus infections in the country rising to 7,93,802. With the death of 475 and patients of COVID-19, the number of people dying from this infection in the country increased to 21,604. More than 1.1 crore samples have been tested in the country so far as to detect coronavirus infection.

According to ICMR, 1,10,24,491 samples were tested in the country till 9th July, out of which 2,83,659 were tested on Thursday. 4,95,512 patients in the country have recovered from the infection while 2,76,685 patients infected with coronavirus are currently undergoing treatment. ‘About 62.42 per cent of the patients have been cured so far,’ an official said. ”


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