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Science Ministry rejects ICMR claim, says Covid-19 vaccine unlikely to come before 2021

Science ministry of India has rejected the claim of ICMR & Bharat Biotech for the release of CORONA Virus Vaccine. Says vaccine will be available by next year. There are no chances to deliver it by this year.

Amidst the claim that the Corona vaccine of Bharat Biotech to be launched by August 15, the Ministry of Science has said that no corona vaccine in India is likely to be available before 2021. The Ministry of Science and Technology said on Sunday that out of 140 vaccines being prepared in the world, 11 have reached the human trial phase, but it is unlikely that any of them will be ready for large-scale use before next year.

Out of 11 vaccines reached by the human trial phase, two are Indians. The first is that India Biotech has been developed in collaboration with ICMR, and the second is developed by The Zydus Cadila. They have got clearance for human testing. 

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COVID 19 Vaccine updates

‘Six Indian companies are working on vaccines. 11 vaccines including two Indian vaccines COVAXIN and ZyCov-D are in the human trial phase. None of these is likely to be available on a large scale before 2021”


On July 2, the ICMR had set a letter to the heads of 12 clinical sites selected for the vaccine trial and set a target of completing the vaccine trial before August 15. There is a dispute about it. Health experts and researchers expressed serious concern over the ICMR letter and said that quality should not be compromised in such a hurry to launch the vaccine. Working in such a deadline will launch the vaccine with incomplete data.

The ICMR, while cleaning up, has said that it had written so to protect the entire process from red-tapism.

The ICMR said on Sunday that all medical hospitals have an ethics committee to approve such tests. These committees are meeting at a pre-determined time. Because of this, a letter was written to the heads of all clinical trial sites keeping in view that there is no needless delay in obtaining the approval of human trial of the COVID-19 vaccine.

ICMR’s clarification for vaccine

The ICMR has said that the security and interest of the people of the country is in the same way. The Drug Controller General of India has approved the clinical trial of phase one and phase two only after closely examining the data of the pre-clinical study.

ICMR has selected hospitals in Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, New Delhi, Bihar, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Odisha and Goa as clinical trials. In these hospitals, candidates will be selected for human trial of both phases of the COVID-19 vaccine.


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